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  1. Quality: We provide only the best lab-tested Noble Kava
  2. Fast: Shipping is fast, both in the USA and to Canada.
  3. Service: We provide the customer service that you deserve
  4. Passion: We are passionate about Kava Kava
  5. Experience: We have over 20 years of experience in the kava industry
  6. Solutions: Small or big, we provide you with the guidance you need.

Kava Quality | Lab Tested Noble Kava USA & Canada

We specialize in Kava root products in the USA. Our kava products are premium and superior. Our products are manufactured and shipped from a GMP facility and are FDA-compliant in the USA. We test every batch of kava using HPLC for quality assurance and consistency. We have certified noble kava, which has passed strict regulations in Vanuatu, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands. We make sure that our products meet our customers' expectations.

Fast Shipping USA | Canada

We deliver only the highest quality noble kava products worldwide. We have fast shipping using Fed Ex and USPS from the USA. We can get products to Canadians fast.

Worldwide Shipping

We also ship to other countries worldwide, where Kava is accepted.

Noble Kava

We have different kava products from around the world. We only supply noble kava. To ensure that Vanuatu holds its reputation of having the best kava production globally, the government controls exports and only allows noble kava for export. We also usually have roots from select regions.

Our Kava Receives Tender, Love, and Care.

We work with people who are passionate about Kava.

Nature & Nurturing

Nature is an important factor contributing to the quality of our raw kava, which strives in volcanic soil. But because kava takes at least 5 years to grow before harvesting, in our opinion, nurturing is also a crucial factor, ensuring only the best quality gets to the hands of our customers. 

Experienced Team

Being passionate is great, but without expertise, our final products might lack in quality. We ensure to work with only the best in the industry. From professional growers to exporters to the lab chemist who confirms that everything was dealt with precisely. 


Premium Kava Roots From All The Right Places

Kava grows well in volcanic regions in Oceania. Our main sellers originate from Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji.

Kava - Vanuatu

Vanuatu prides itself on the quality of its harvests, only allowing the noble kava for export worldwide. We have the traditional ceremonial kava, the kiln-dried kava, and micronized and instant kava powders.

Kava - Fiji

We also sell kava from Fiji, which compares to the quality of our Vanuatu kava, which means only the best kava quality is selected. We offer Fiji 100% Waka lateral roots.

Kava From the Solomon Islands

We supply the popular Solomon Gold and other strains that are known for their strong aroma.


Instant Kava

Our instant kava is shipped from the USA and comes in 1 kg bags.

  1. Instant Solomon Islands Chief
  2. Instant Ceremonial Vanuatu Kava
  3. Instant Premium Vanuatu Kava

Kava Extracts

We offer 30% CO2 Kava Powder and 70% CO2 Kava Paste.

Kava Wholesale

We can supply large volumes of our Kava products for special requests for the USA. Whether 10kg or 100kg or more, we will ensure you receive only the highest quality, lab-tested, noble kava root.

Kava Lab Testing

All our kava products are tested for quality

  1. Kavalactones,
  2. Chemotypes
  3. Bacterial
  4. Fungal
  5. Heavy metals
  6. Yeast

Payment Methods for the USA

We accept Credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfers.

Payment Methods for Canada

We accept E-transfers and credit cards. Please give us a call today, so we can take your order and send your product as soon as possible.

Please read our terms and conditions; you must be 18 years old to buy any of our Kava Products.



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